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Newian’s general thoughts on the Doctor(s)

I was showing him pictures of past Doctors… and based purely on looks he gave his opinion on whether or not he thought they “looked like the Doctor” to him (after we had a conversation on why he hadn’t yet warmed up to Matt Smith as Eleven [he thought he looked a bit too young]).

One: Looks like the Doctor

Two: Doesn’t look like the Doctor (???)

Three: Looks like the Doctor

Four: Doesn’t… well ok, with that brown jacket. (?? lol)

Five: He’s a bit young… but he looks like the Doctor

Six: I hate his jacket. Doesn’t look like the Doctor

Seven: Looks like the Doctor

At about this point he asked if the Doctor’s ever been a woman. He said it could be a nice change, if they handled it correctly (hehe I’m so proud, I haven’t ever even mentioned this to him before). 

Eight: He looks like a composer or something… not like the Doctor (lol)

Nine: I don’t like his hair. And his jacket makes him look like a bozo (poor Nine, Newian also calls him “bug-eye”?? lolwut)

After this he said it was just based on how they looked, and that if he saw them in action his opinion could change. He had a surprisingly strong opinion on the Doctor’s fashion sense… or lack thereof ;)

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