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RIP Lynda Bellingham OBE.

Some people might have known her as the OXO mum or from the TV show loose women, but she also had an amazing Doctor Who role as ‘The Inquisitor’ in ‘The Trial of a Timelord’ alongside Colin Baker.

She was diagnosed with colon cancer in July last year and had undergone chemotherapy, but the cancer spread to her lungs & liver. She decided to stop the treatment to save her family more suffering & so that she could ‘go out on a high’ and not as a frail old lady.

She died in her Husband’s arms.

She lived her life right up to the end, recording a ‘Loose Woman’ tribute a few days ago, which will be broadcast on wednesday on ITV.

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khroma asked: a robot who is constantly demanding that their human roommate help them with captchas.


what if they feel like they are lying by entering them themselves because it always says something like “prove you aren’t a robot”

so robot friend comes and tugs on your sleeve like “please come enter this for me i do not want to lie to the computer it is only doing its job”

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