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iggy has NOTHING on nicki 

LOL remember when the music fucked up with Iggy and she just stood there helpless. Yeah, try to tell me again she on Nicki’s level.

This my bitch for real. I’m not even a huge Nicki fan but then she pulls shit like this and remember how fuckin raw she is. 

shes the bhaddest. hands down

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linnealurks asked: Yay for doing well in English! If I may offer one small correction: "feedback" is a collective noun, so it doesn't get made plural. You don't give someone "a feedback" or "two feedbacks", you just give them "feedback", whether it's one comment or many. I hope I'm explaining that in a way that makes sense . . . It's like you would say "I eat a lot of butter" instead of "I eat a lot of butters". I'm not even sure how this is handled in Finnish, or if you make the distinction at all.

Oh! Well, you learn something new every day… I’m not entirely sure how it all works in Finnish either (oops?), but at least the word for “feedback”; “palaute” turns into plural; “palautteet”… “butter”, however, doesn’t seem to change: “syön voita” & “syön paljon voita”.

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